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University of Judo

Now enrolling students for 2024

Meet Matt:

Matt D’Aquino is a 2008 Olympian, 5th-degree black belt in Judo and first-degree Black belt in BJJ.

Matt is one of the most popular instructors online. In 2020 the International Judo Federation recognised Matt as having one of the best Judo channels in the world.

He is passionate about all things Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu and has helped thousands of grapplers worldwide through his online videos, books, eBooks and online content.

What this all about:

As a young judoka, I had read and re-read every single book in my local libraries and soon I became frustrated because I wanted to learn more Judo but there were no good resources available. I remember telling my Mum that one day I would write the best judo book in the world – a “one-stop shop for Judoka of all ability levels.

Fast forward to today and I have done just that. This site contains over 1400 videos to help you get better at judo. I cover every single throw, armbar and strangle in existence so you can be better prepared for your next grading, competition or training session. I have filmed, counters, combinations, escapes, turnovers, guard passes and more.

If you are an elite-level athlete my videos can help you get an edge over your competition.

If you are a beginner looking at solid fundamentals, then I can help you with that.

If you run a dojo and are interested in learning some innovative ways to teach to make your lessons more exciting, then this is the site for you.,

The world’s longest running judo membership site

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Here is what you get:

1400 + videos

More videos added all the time

Private Facebook group

Chat with like-minded people and get your questions answered.

Strength and Conditioning

Tons of strength and conditioning content

Here is what some people say about the Uni of Judo

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Sometimes I am unable to get the kids to training. Instead of them sitting around playing video games we now log on and do judo as a family while watching Matt’s videos. I love how they are still above to expand their knowledge base while at home. This site is great for people who can only get to training once or twice per week but want to continually develop their knowledge of the spot.


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I am an overnight security guard so I have a lot of time on my hands. Each night I log on and watch and re-watch the techniques we are practicing in class. I have learnt a vast amount of entries, tactics, and combinations and they have finally begun to work in training.


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